We provide superior home healthcare services with Skilled Nursing for nuclear and uranium workers covered under the EEOICPA and RECA programs.

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We are the only home healthcare agency owned and operated by the great-granddaughter of a former nuclear worker.

While most agencies are owned by large investment groups, we remain family-owned and operated with Skilled Nurses who are Trusted Ally employees, not contractors.

  We serve former nuclear and uranium workers
 Up to $400,000 in total compensation
 Zero medical bills for any care related to covered conditions
 Free unlimited home healthcare


We started Trusted Ally to carry on the legacy of my great-grandfather Johney by helping other former workers like him. Trusted Ally is more than a business to us, providing outstanding care is personal.

— Candace Honeywell, CEO & Co-Founder 

Fighting for the rights of himself and his fellow workers, Johney was among the first to file a class-action lawsuit against the Department of Energy, leading to the creation of the EEOICPA program.

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We truly care for you

How We Help

At Trusted Ally, we take pride in providing personalized and reliable services for you and your family. Our team is dedicated to offering a comprehensive range of home healthcare services tailored to meet your specific needs.

Trusted Ally Your Pathway To Care
Trusted Ally Skilled Nursing
Skilled Nursing

Our team of highly skilled nurses collaborates closely with your treating physician to develop a Plan of Care to meet specific needs and address covered conditions within the program.

Trusted Ally Home Health Aides
Home Health Aides

Our team of Certified Nursing Assistants and Home Health Aides are carefully selected through a rigorous interview process and trained through a comprehensive program by our clinical staff.

Trusted Ally Family Health Aides
Family Health Aides

Do you already provide care for your loved one on a regular basis? Our Family Health Aides program allows family members to be trained by our clinical staff and then get paid for providing care!

Trusted Ally Case Management
Case Management

Our Case Managers serve as the primary contact for the EEOICPA and RECA programs. They ensure the program's benefits are utilized effectively and in accordance with the personalized plan of care.

Do You Qualify?

Up to $400,000
Free unlimited home healthcare
We can help guide you

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Areas We Serve


Trusted Ally Is Proud To Serve American Heroes

We are proud to provide superior home healthcare services in Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas with offices opening soon in South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Trusted Ally Areas We Serve


Colorado has 17 facilities covered by the EEOICPA program including the former Rocky Flats plant, which played a vital role in producing nuclear weapons parts, such as plutonium and uranium. Colorado is also a designated Uranium Worker State meaning certain uranium industry employment is covered under the RECA program throughout the entire state.

Trusted Ally Serves Colorado


Nevada has 6 locations covered by the EEOICPA program including the Nevada Test Site, also known as the Nevada National Security Site which was established in 1951 for testing nuclear weapons. Nevada also has 6 designated Downwinder Areas meaning certain counties downwind from the Nevada Test Site are covered under the RECA program.

Trusted Ally Serves Nevada

New Mexico

New Mexico has 18 facilities covered by the EEOICPA program including the Los Alamos National Laboratory. New Mexico is also a designated Uranium Worker State meaning certain uranium industry employment is covered under the RECA program throughout the entire state. Uranium mining played a large role from the early 1950s to the early 1980s.

Trusted Ally Serves New Mexico

South Carolina

South Carolina has 1 facility covered by the EEOICPA program which is the Savannah River Site (SRS). This site performed multiple operations that played a vital role in the nuclear weapons complex including the production of plutonium and tritium. Many facilities were built at SRS to support these efforts and to address the resulting environmental impacts.

Trusted Ally Serves South Carolina


Tennessee has 12 facilities covered by the EEOICPA program including the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (X-10) which holds historical importance as one of the three original sites in the Manhattan Project. In order to advance the project, the K-25 and Y-12 plants were constructed to investigate various techniques for enriching uranium. 

Trusted Ally Serves Tennessee


Texas has 6 facilities covered by the EEOICPA program including Pantex which is the primary nuclear weapons assembly and disassembly facility originally built as a conventional bomb plant. Texas is also a designated Uranium Worker State meaning certain uranium industry employment is covered under the RECA program throughout the entire state.

Trusted Ally Serves Texas

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What clients and family members say

I have been with Trusted Ally for almost six years. I was with another company for about two years. The attention to detail of needs for the individual and staying on top of medical needs simply don’t compare to the other company that I was with. Trusted Ally truly cares about the individual.
Michelle D.
Trusted Ally Client
Trusted Ally was very supportive during my Dads battle with Cancer. I highly recommend their services as they will truly be an ally for your Family during tough circumstances.
Jermaine H.
Son of Trusted Ally Client
Cannot say enough good things about Trusted Ally and their team of professionals! My father, former Rocky Flats worker has been receiving care from Trusted Ally RN's for approximately the last 6 months in an Assisted Living facility and I can honestly say thru this Pandemic they have been a Godsend and I believe that my father is still alive due to the care. Thank You! Trusted Ally!!
Annette R.
Daughter of Trusted Ally Client
The medical services I've received from Trusted Ally Home Care has been excellent, timely and extremely helpful. My nurse from Trusted Ally is wonderful, attentive and looks out for my best interests. Couldn't ask for a better nurse. Best help ever!
Trusted Ally Client