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We are a family-owned and operated agency, dedicated to providing former nuclear and uranium workers with the benefits and superior home healthcare they deserve.


We started Trusted Ally to carry on the legacy of my great-grandfather Johney by helping other former workers like him. Trusted Ally is more than a business to us, providing outstanding care is personal.

— Candace Honeywell, CEO & Co-Founder 

Fighting for the rights of himself and his fellow workers, Johney was among the first to file a class-action lawsuit against the Department of Energy, leading to the creation of the EEOICPA program.


Trusted Ally Johney's Journey

Who We Are


Trusted Ally Our Inspiration


Our Inspiration

After witnessing the positive impact that personalized home healthcare had on Johney's quality of life, Trusted Ally was founded in 2011 with the mission to enrich the lives of all former nuclear and uranium workers by ensuring they receive the proper care and benefits they are entitled to by law.

Our Mission and Vision

It is the mission of Trusted Ally Home Care to respectfully and compassionately meet the needs of our clients and their families, by listening, planning, educating, and delivering the highest quality of personalized home healthcare. 

Our vision is to create and sustain a superior home healthcare agency that supports individuals to live as independently as possible in the comfort of their own homes. We personalize our services to meet your situation respectfully, efficiently and compassionately by fostering independence, preserving dignity, and improving quality of life.

Our Leadership Team

Trusted Ally Leadership Team: Candace Honeywell

Trusted Ally Leadership Team: Alexander Page

Trusted Ally Leadership Team: Erick Hendrick

Trusted Ally Leadership Team: Hayden Brink

Trusted Ally Leadership Team: Shanda Stearns

Our Mission Matters


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What clients and family members say

I have been with Trusted Ally for almost six years. I was with another company for about two years. The attention to detail of needs for the individual and staying on top of medical needs simply don’t compare to the other company that I was with. Trusted Ally truly cares about the individual.
Michelle D.
Trusted Ally Client
Trusted Ally was very supportive during my Dads battle with Cancer. I highly recommend their services as they will truly be an ally for your Family during tough circumstances.
Jermaine H.
Son of Trusted Ally Client
Cannot say enough good things about Trusted Ally and their team of professionals! My father, former Rocky Flats worker has been receiving care from Trusted Ally RN's for approximately the last 6 months in an Assisted Living facility and I can honestly say thru this Pandemic they have been a Godsend and I believe that my father is still alive due to the care. Thank You! Trusted Ally!!
Annette R.
Daughter of Trusted Ally Client
The medical services I've received from Trusted Ally Home Care has been excellent, timely and extremely helpful. My nurse from Trusted Ally is wonderful, attentive and looks out for my best interests. Couldn't ask for a better nurse. Best help ever!
Trusted Ally Client