People want to do a good job, but people aren’t always as productive or as effective at work, in relationships, or in life as they want to be. Sometimes it is a lack of opportunity, but usually it is because a person’s thoughts, emotions, or behaviors have gotten them off track. Things get off track when individuals begin:
  • Using distorted THINKING… things are seen that aren’t or things are missed that are… things are made to be better than they are or worse than they should be… rules are enforced or freedoms exercised that do not exist.
  • Relying too much on FEELINGS, believing that what is felt must be true—automatically, without balancing emotions with accurate thoughts.
  • ACTING in ways that are offensive, inappropriate, or not acceptable in some contexts.
How a person thinks or feels about the world or events around them motivates the actions a person takes and the attitudes a person has.

Each employee makes a contribution to the productivity and efficiency of the workplace.

The Troubled Employee

Negative contributions work against productivity and efficiency OR poor coping mechanisms result in unacceptable contributions.
excessive absences — arriving late — leaving early — absent from the workstation — spasmodic productivity — missed deadlines — mistakes — wasting of material — complaints — unacceptable work — poor judgment — overreaction to real or imagined criticism — unreasonable resentments — persistent negative attitudes
When traditional discipline and resources have been ineffective or are inappropriate when correcting unacceptable contributions, it is time to call a people and relationship professional.

The Unexpected Situation

It can happen, you just don’t expect it.
a “bad” hire — a conflict — a weapon — a death — an injury — a threat — a robbery — a fight — inappropriate behavior — inappropriate communication
When a situation is not business as usual, it is time to call a people and relationship professional.

RELAX—Stormy Has It Covered

Dealing with people and people issues is peripheral to what most businesses actually do or sell. Consequently many leaders, managers, and supervisors are not proficient in this area. When that is the situation, leaders need a trusted ally that can provide a comprehensive system to handle tough people issues. Stormy Higgins is a people and relationship professional helping organizations and organizational leaders deal with employees and tough employee issues. He is not an accountant, lawyer, or traditional business consultant. He is a trusted ally helping organizations improve or recover employee conduct, attendance, and performance. The organizational leaders he works with are not incompetent, they simply lack the understanding of human nature and functioning or lack the time needed to handle complex people or relationship issues.