A Navigational Point of Reference

Life, like sailing, is easy when the water is deep and the weather is calm. But, when the water is shallow, the weather rough, an experienced sailor welcomes the confidence and peace of mind a lighthouse offers. A lighthouse has no power to protect a ship, to steer a ship clear of danger, or do the sailorís work. It does provide a navigational point of reference that allows the experienced sailor to navigate safely in and out of treacherous water. Because life is dynamic, change creates storms in our lives at work and at home.

Stormy Higgins is a navigational point of reference to help prevent, manage, and/or recover from the storms of life. He provides services that help employees to produce as close to 100% as possible. The result is healthier and happier employees that are more productive and efficient.


STORMY HIGGINS, LPC     1994- Present
  • Self-employed consultant, trainer, and Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Owns and operates an Employee Assistance Program in West Texas
  • Teaches about 25 seminars a year on a variety of subjects, including: How to Respond to Trauma, How to Predict and Prevent Violence in the Workplace, How to Identify and Respond to a Troubled Employee, and Dealing with People and People Issues
  • Critical Incident Stress Management (trauma response)
  • Adjunct Instructor teaching Employee and Labor Relations
RESOURCES FOR LIVING     1988 - 1994
  • Played the lead role in the development of this enterprise, which implemented employee assistance programs for clients, including WAL-MART, SAM'S, and Kroger
  • Recruited and trained a staff to perform duties in support of the organization's mission
  • Compiled and edited training material, which was used with some 20,000 management personnel
  • Led over 200 seminars covering Stress Management, Communication, Adapting to Change, Responding to Trauma, Building Relationships, Balancing Work and Family Concerns, and Empowerment
  • Counseled over 6,000 persons from executives to part-time hourly employees, including managers needing help with employees, parents needing help with a problem child or the loss of a child, couples needing help building or reviving a marriage, individuals struggling with emotional issues such as guilt, anger, etc., and individuals struggling with suicidal thoughts, incest, etc
  • Responded to numerous critical incidents (i.e. murders, suicides, accidents) that received specialized handling
  • Represented corporate clients at press conferences regarding the corporations' response to employees in dealing with trauma occurring in the workplace
  • Acted as corporate representative to clients following traumatic events
  • Post Graduate Certificate, Conflict Resolution, ACU, 2002
  • Master's degree, Marriage and Family Therapy, ACU, 1989
  • Bachelor of Science, ACU, 1986
  • Licensed Professional Counselor, Texas
  • City Councilmember, City of Abilene
  • Past Chairman, Board of Trustees, Christian Homes of Abilene/Christian Services of East Texas
  • Vice President, Lake Fort Phantom Homeowners Association
  • Past President, Big Country Society for Human Resource Management
  • Elder, Highland Church of Christ